We keep going

It’s almost end of January and (as of 1/27/2016) we are 52% founded. This is great news but also not so great news. We have been fundraising for two months now and our hopes were that we would definitely be done by now. So much energy and effort has been spent on gathering funds that I think we are ready to move on to the pre-production stage of movie making – finding crew members, drawing storyboards, finding locations, casting, figuring out our EP album. After all, we are shooting in MAY 2016.

Now it is time to PRAY BIG! We are praying for the funds, we are praying for the donors, we are praying for the project and for all the people that will be involved in it. I’m personally excited to write some updates soon sharing about our meetings and the cool conversation we are having with all kinds of people about the issue of human trafficking.

If you're the "praying kind" consider attending HUMAN TRAFFICKING - NIGHT OF PRAYER & WORSHIP this Friday (1/29/2016 7PM) in Los Gatos. More info here.

Soooo. Stay tuned and pray with us for the remaining 48%! Let’s dream big.


Ola Soler 

Tony Gapastione