Send us to our film fests!

One of the most thrilling experiences is being able to share our film and talk with audiences about the reality of human trafficking! Last week I had ten different people put the HUMAN TRAFFICKIGN HOTLINE in their phone! It felt so good to spread the awareness. There are still so many people that don't know the reality of sex and labor slavery in America.

As a filmmaker, as a human being, this is one of my greatest joys...talking, interacting with viewers, and discussing my art and the meaning behind the film... alongside the actual making of the film and collaborating with cast and crew, this is why I'm pursuing filmmaking. It's life changing. In fact, at the last fest in which I participated in, I was able to pray with a young actor after one of the screenings. Beautiful.


As we are planning our film fest schedule this year, our hope is to raise a few extra thousand dollars to cover our film fest submission fees and traveling expenses (flight, food, cars).

All the donations you give are still tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation. Here's the link to use if you like to give a one time or recurring donation for the rest of the year, in which we would be so grateful!

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Tony Gapastione