Appearances are not always what they seem. We easily make judgements based on people’s exteriors. We don’t always expect CEO’s to wear flip flops or criminals to wear white collars and ties. And we might never expect a guy who sleeps in an alley to be the very one who saves our life.

I wrote this film because I was surprised by the friendships I made in unexpected places. I found allies, friends, and “neighbors” in people who were different than me, people who had no place to call home. I was impacted by the stories of people I might have written off or overlooked. These stories of humanity, connection and justice, touched me deeply and illuminated issues I often swept under the rug.

I wanted to write and direct this story, for my sophomore film project, to bring light into a dark place: human trafficking.  The stealing, harboring, objectifying, and horrendous abuse of human beings, (many who are young children and women), is an ugly reality. 

Human trafficking is happening right under our noses, in our beautifully landscaped, white collared, American neighborhoods. We need to talk about it. And we can do something about it. We can bring change if we are willing to take a stand.  I am called to affect change by telling stories. I hope this film starts conversations that lead to actions, that lead to justice. I hope you will stand with me and see it come to completion.

--Tony Gapastione